Okay, so anyway....if you read the post before this one you will see that things are really not that great, kids in new schools (which is a positive, great schools & the boys LOVE it), unpacking which is the worse of the whole packing process, becoming a single mother and trying to hold it all together for the sake of the boys and my business. It's hard, very, very I have thought about it and decided that I am going to start doing mostly printable party packages. I think it will be easier because I will have less of the work load and more time to do what I truly love and that is to design.....on the good side all you moms can actually make your kids party things! It's so much fun to do but when you have 50 party's going on it takes the fun out of it and toooooo much stress! Less stress is what I need for right now:(

I will make pretty much everything printable, cupcake toppers, hang tags, banners, stickers, door signs....I will still take on custom work for party's that need certain color schemes but I will make them printable as well. I will see how this works and go from there.


  1. i just have to say- i love your blog!

  2. I know too well what it's like to be a single mom - hang in there!