I finally got to where I was going, it was a complete nightmare! First off, my BIL told me that the uhaul trailer would fishtail if I went any faster than 55....WRONG! Try more like 45 and for the first half of the trip it rained like crazy, then it did clear up but like I said I couldn't go faster than 45mph. Not to mention I had to fill up 3 times at $65 each time. It is usually an eight hour drive (which is bad enough) but it took me 16 HOURS!!! Then I got to the house and it is sooooooooo small that all my things are everywhere, I have tons of orders and I can't find anything! I just want to crawl in a hole and cry....cry for hours and hours:(


  1. Hang in there, friend. Please let me know if I can do anything for you.


  2. ... i just stumbled across your blog ... loved the title of your blog (7cupcakes) and just had to have a look ... so sorry you are having a bummer of a year ... my heart goes out to you ... i will keep you in my prayers ... and pray that your load lifts ... keep safe