I am so thankful for all my customers, I have met some really wonderful mothers, expecting mommy's, brides and so on. I have had over 350 sales in the past 3 months and it's finally catching up with me. I have had my run in's with sick kids but still kept pushing on but now I am so run down. I live on 2 to 3 hours a sleep and I am just whipped.
So why am I saying all this?
I am no longer going to be taking on anymore custom work. I will have 10 collections of each gender (boy & girl) I will also have tutu's, personalized matching shirts, a birthday party hat for birthday girl or boy only & beanie hats w/your choice of flower or hairbow in coordinating colors to match all the girl collections along with the shirts matching the boys. I also have my best friend that makes coordinating bibs to match for boy or girl in my collections as well.
I will also do my baby shower & bridal shower parties with the products already in my shop. Colors can be changed but no longer can I do specific graphics other than what I already have for sale.
That is all I am going to be doing....which is still alot of options. I just can't do other custom work. I appreciate all of you and thank you for all the business!!
Below are the lists of the collections that I will have available.
1. Orange/Hot Pink Polka Dots
2. Ladybug (Red/Black or Pink/Brown)
3. Sweet Treats (Lollipops, Cupcakes & Candy)
4. Sweet Monkey Girl
5. Hot Pink/Pink/Lime Polka Dots w/Pink Cupcake
6. Pink Dotted Birds
7. Rockstar
8. Farm Animals (pinks, green & blue)
9. Tiny Dancer (Ballerina)
10. Sweet Pretty Flowers
1. My Little Monkey (Primary Colors or Lime/Brown)
2. Sweet Treats Blue Cupcake
3. Monster Mania
4. Bright Stripe
5. Nautical
6. Lil Cowpoke
7. Whimsey Dot
8. Circus Carnival
9. Farm Animals
10. Pirate
For My Mommy's-To-Be:
1. Pregnant Momma in Pink, Blue or Lime
2. Light Blue or Light Pink Monogramed Collection (rattle, pin, baby carriage & etc)
Brides to Be:
1. Monogrammed Collection (your wedding or bridal shower colors)
Sorry for such a long post but just wanted everyone to know my plans.
Like I said there are still TONS of great Collections available and when I see that things need to be changed or updated then I will update:)

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